Bees and Co. – the bee story

Special exhibition for the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa.

Conception, editing, design and planning of an exhibition about the sustanability topic «Bees and Co.»

The project developed by Leise Design informed about issues such as the different types of bees, why they are so important for humans, what they are threatened by and how we can help the bees in our own garden or on the balcony.

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Bees as pollinators

Animation film (1:00 min loop) for the special exhibition «Bees und Co. – the bee story» at the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa 2016 in Cologne.

The animation depicts and explains the process of the plant pollination by bees.

Concept und layout: Knut Völzke, Julian Schwarze Animation: Owi Mahn

© Leise Design

Design in use –
Applied arts at school

Development and implementation of a model subject

On behalf of and in cooperation with the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt, Knut Völzke developed a modular subject for grades 8-10 at integrated comprehensive schools.

Starting with form, colour and proportion exercises, the students became competent designers of functional objects for their immediate environment by the end of the school year.

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Fascination Colour

Travelling exhibition since 2015

Colours, like the blue of heaven or the green of meadows, are often taken for granted. Thereby we forget, that we are surrounded by an almost unlimited diversity of colours all the time. But what is it, that we call colour and how does it arise? Do all people see the same colours? What is metamerism and what is the history of the colour indigo?

The complexity of the phenomenon colour is shown in eight subject areas with many interactive exhibits in this public science project by the Carl Bosch Museum.

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What is sustainability?

Exhibition of sustainable materials for the garden market

Special exhibition for the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne. Leise Design created and realised an architecture out of temporarily used garden timber and printed honeycomb boards. Infographics, as well as innovative material and application examples showed important aspects of social, economical and ecological relations for the garden market.

Material Contest «Look Alike»

Material exhibition for the 17th open house presentation at the University of Art and Design Offenbach

A selection of the newest surface developments from matured timber wallpaper to leather tiles was presented at the exhibition project «Look Alike» in July 2014. The exhibition was staged as a material contest where the visitors could decide, which copy is able to imitate its model best.

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Green Clover and Dynamite

Travelling exhibition since 2013

The exhibition project «Grüner Klee und Dynamit – Der Stickstoff und das Leben» (Green clover and dynamite – nitrogen and life) tells the fascinating story of a ubiquitous substance with special characteristics, its outstanding biological meaning, as well as its political brisance.

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The Salpetre Refiners

Documentary film (5:55 min) for the travelling exhibition «Green clover and dynamite»

Salpetre is the main component of black powder. To get the coveted ressource, in the 17th and 18th century the salpetre refiners travelled from farm to farm with the authority of the sovereign, to collect bloomed wall salpetre and boil enriched earth.

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Exhibition for the 16th open house presentation at the University of Art and Design Offenbach

Once again Knut Völzke leaded the seminar «Colour II» in the graduate studies of the Product Design department together with Prof. Petra Kellner. This year's topic was «Pigment». For the open house presentation 2013 an exhibition was developed, that showed the topic as an installation, to make the content comprehensible through visual and haptic elements.

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The material world of mobile phone and Co.

Display boards to visualise the appearance and use of materials for electronic devices

Besides complex plastic compounds, glass and metals like copper and nickel, electronic devices also contain about
10 % rare metals like platinum, gold and rare earths. They appear in just a few locations worldwide, but without them our digitalised world would not function at all.

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Prospect Park

Sustainable materials move in cycles

Exhibition project for the garden fair «spoga+gafa» in September 2012 in Cologne. From thermically tempered wood to biocomposites, the exhibition showed innovative, sustainable materials in relation to their ecological cycle properties.

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Dust in Korean

The book «Staub – Spiegel der Umwelt» (Dust – mirror of the environment, publishers: Dr. Jens Soentgen and Knut Völzke) was published in Korean in July 2012.

ISBN 978-89-974290-4-2

The german version is still available under ISBN 3-936581-60-6.

Interaction of Colours

Colour light installation for the 15th open house presentation at the University of Art and Design Offenbach

Together with Prof. Petra Kellner and the students of the seminar «Colour II» at the University of Art and Design Offenbach, Knut Völzke developed a room situation for the open house presentation 2012. It lets the observer experience the interaction of colours, which is perceptible by the human eye through targeted colour light sequences.

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Structures In Exhibition

As deputy of Prof. Peter Eckart (Integrative design), Knut Völzke supervised the design and realisation project «Structures In Exhibition» at the University of Art and Design Offenbach in winter semester 2010/11.

For the product design department‘s exhibition appearance at the international furniture fair in Cologne, the students developed a spatial structure, that reflects this field‘s multilayered topics and works.

A detailed project report will follow.

Our life with CO2

Travelling exhibition since 2007

CO2 is the world's best-known chemical formula, even better known than the formula for water. But as ubiquitous as CO2 is discussed in public, as unknown are its manifold facettes from elixir of life to climate killer.

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Book publication

In addition to the travelling exhibition, the book «Staub – Spiegel der Umwelt» (Dust – mirror of the environment) was published at Oekom Verlag München in January 2006.

«Dust tells stories about the state of the world, ecological relations, cosmic events and the worlds of the past. Some of these stories, that can be deduced from the dust, we would like to present in this book.»

Dr. Jens Soentgen und Knut Völzke, publishers

ISBN 3-936581-60-6

Dust – Mirror of the Environment

Travelling exhibition from 2004 until 2013

Dust is ubiquitous and still exceptional. The smaller the particles are, the more they defy gravity. Dust often has manifold, both positive and critical characteristics.

Against the backdrop of the discussion about fine dust and nanoscale materials, the exhibition's goal is to inform about the environmental factor dust in a comprehensible and entertaining way.

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