Cologne, Paris, Frankfurt

For the launch of the new collection of the Siegen-based manufacturer Konstantin Slawinski, Leise conceived, designed and realised trade shows in Cologne, Paris and Frankfurt in January and February 2018.

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Leise Knut Völzke IMM 2017

imm cologne 2017

Leise Design developed and realised the trade show for the Konstantin Slawinski collection at the international furniture fair «imm cologne».

The core idea of the trade show was to focus on the new interaction of the collection's elements and the complementary product concepts in condensed form on a presentation area of 20 square metres.

New products designed by Knut Völzke, such as the YU Sideboard System and a product family consisiting of wardrobe, mirror, rack and magnet board were presented in the context of the curated project «Pure Platforms».

A detailled project report will follow.

Art fair at the «Postbahnhof Berlin»

The third edition of the art fair «Positions Berlin» took place at the «Postbahnhof Berlin» and had the highest number of exhibitors during Berlin Art Week 2016.

Leise Design developed the exhibition architecture for 74 gallery presentations from 13 countries inside the two-storey building from 1907.

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Positions Berlin 2015

In its second year the «Positions Berlin Art Fair» took place in the 6500 square metre «Arena Berlin». Around 18.000 visitors saw the gallery presentations from 16 countries in Europe‘s former largest self-supporting hall from the 1920s.

Leise Design was responsible for the general planning of the exhibition architecture and furnishing again.

A detailed project report will follow.

Wilde+Spieth – Quality Made In Germany

At the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015

The current collection of musicians chairs and orchestra accessories designed by Egon Eiermann was presented by the company Wilde+Spieth at the Musikmesse Frankfurt in April 2015.

The stand design by Leise emphasised the high manufacturing quality of the products, that are made in Germany and distributed all over the world.

Positions Berlin 2014 Teaser

Positions Berlin 2014

General planning of the exhibition architecture and furnishing for the new art fair «Positions Berlin».

The new format for contemporary and modern art is part of the «Berlin Art Week» and recorded the 3000 square meters spanning former department store Jandorf in Berlin Mitte from September 18th to 21st 2014.

A detailed project report will follow.

Modern Classics & Award Winning Furniture

Conception, design and realisation of Wilde+Spieth‘s stand for their office and object furniture collection at the «Orgatec». The company‘s latest collection was presented at the international leading fair for office and object in October 2014 in Cologne.

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The three-dimensional adjustable orchestra chair

The highlight of this year's Wilde+Spieth fair stand at the music fair in Frankfurt was the exceptional quality of their orchestra chairs, which have a unique position in this branch.

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Design Plus 2014

Exhibition of awarded products

Leise designed the exhibition of this year's winners of the Design Plus competition, which has been shown at the fair «Ambiente» in Frankfurt.

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Wilde+Spieth at imm cologne

The company Wilde+Spieth presented its current collection of home and object furniture in the context of the curated project «Pure Village» at the international furniture fair in cologne.  

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Welcome to a Patterned Colour Competition

Nya Nordiska at imm cologne 2013

Presentation of the textiles editeur Nya Nordiska in the course of the exhibition platform «Pure Textile» in hall 3.2 of the international furniture fair in Cologne.

A fair stand as «textile spatial installation» with a high stylistic concentration of the current colour and form worlds. The show got a brand specific unique position and attracted attention across all industries.

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Orchestra Wireless Dimming Light

The company Wilde+Spieth presented its innovative wireless dimming light for orchestras at the music fair in Frankfurt in April 2013.

Leise designed the fair stand as stylised orchestra situation.

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Design Deutschland 2011

Travelling exhibition for the German Design Council with the stations Milan, New York and Hong Kong

An exhibition design, that creates a visual complexity and concentration through the interaction of distinctive room graphical and architectonical elements. The diverse product worlds from candleholders to car surveys are connected to a tense overall view.

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Architectural Elements

Stylepark at Light+Building, Messe Frankfurt 2010

A fair presentation as «walk-in website». The two-dimensional world of the well-known online platform became a three-dimensional, graphical course, which invited the guests to linger and discover the company‘s expanded range.

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Kraft machinery – insights and outlooks

Conception and design of a company museum for the Kraft group headquartered in Westphalian Rietberg.

Today‘s company group evolved over almost 200 years from being a forge for the construction of carts to an international manufacturer of specialist machinery. As location for the museum, the spaces of the old forge were chosen, which have already been re-built several times in their history.

A detailed project report will follow.

Design Deutschland 2010

Travelling exhibition for the German Design Council with the stations Milan and New York

The exhibition design plays with the system character, which is formative for the German design and translates it into a new, exciting and vividly coloured architectural landscape, that opens unexpected perspectives.

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Things, that speak for themselves

Presentation of SZ-Magazine‘s Design Edition at the fair «The Design Annual» in July 2008 in Frankfurt.

A booth all in white with black letters. Associations with the classical newspaper media were graphically and architecturally translated to the space, in order to emphasise the independence of the exhibits and to unite them as a curated edition at the same time.

A detailed project report will follow.

out of the box – Stylepark at Designers' Saturday

Company presentation at «Designers’ Saturday» in Langenthal, in the Swiss canton of Bern.

Leise Design developed an exhibition architecture out of about 800 corrugated cardboard boxes, especially for the place of issue in the production halls of the home textile producer Création Baumann. The work areas of the Stylepark AG glowed out of the box walls in special colour codes.

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Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt 2007

Conception, design and realisation of the exhibition on the occasion of the University of Art and Design Offenbach‘s 175th anniversary.

Presentation of selected works by 59 graduates of 3000 alumni in all, that studied at the departments design, media and art in the years from 1970 until 2007.

A detailed project report will follow.

Inside: Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

Media installation on the content work of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, that has been awarded with the «Lead Award».

For the event «The Design Annual 2007» in Frankfurt, Leise Design developed an exhibition with a projection surface in the form of an oversized standing, opened SZ-magazine issue, which reflected the magazine‘s imagery and the processes of the editorial work.  

A detailed project report will follow.  

40 Private Objects Identified

Stylepark in Residence, Kölnischer Kunstverein 2007

Design of an exhibition about 40 personal identification objects of contemporary designers, architects, artists and publishers, that have been selected and invited by the design and architecture platform «Stylepark».

The exhibits were located in a nine metre long «box» without a top, which was rising above the stairs of the Kunstverein. Labelled position flags informed about the displayed objects.

A detailed project report will follow.

Frankfurt's favourite places

Leise Design presented the interactive exhibition project «Frankfurter Lieblingsorte» (Frankfurt's favourite places) together with Speziell Produktgestaltung as part of the event «fresch 2006», which took part from August 25th to 27th 2006.

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Frankfurt / Tokio / Frankfurt

From August 26th to 28th 2005 Leise Design and Speziell Produktgestaltung presented their installation «Frankfurt / Tokio / Frankfurt» at the event «fresch – Design in the Park». The project was a travel and field report of their joint trip to Japan in June 2005.

As part of the «Germany-in-Japan-year» Leise and Speziell were invited as «German Talents» to exhibit their products at the German pavilion of the «Interior Lifestyle» fair. The event in the park provided the opportunity to report about the experiences they made in Japan.

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